Tips To Finding Great Online Deals

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Shopping online means that you never have to queue or stand in long lines waiting to access the changing room, wade through groups of other shoppers, or wait to sort through piles of clothes in a bid to find your right fit. Additionally, you get to avoid the various tricks employed by stores to try and make you spend more money than you had planned for. The next time you want to shop online, try these hacks to find the best online shopping deals and freebies that most people don’t know about.

Enjoy Shopping Online
Enjoy Shopping Online

1. Abandon the Shopping Cart

Item shopping is always a 2 stage process. The first stage is to go to a site and choose the items that you like. Once selected, you place the items in the cart for checkout purposes. But before you can check them out, shopping experts recommend that you close your browser window, and wait for between twenty-four and forty-eight hours.

When you leave items in the virtual cart, it shows the store that you are considering making an acquisition. The store will, therefore, be encouraged to tempt you with a shopping deal. It could be in the form of a promo or coupon delivered to your inbox.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media

Many online sales often happen without any prior announcement being made. Creating separate social media accounts on platforms such as Twitter, for following deal hounds and savvy bloggers will make it easier to find great shopping deals. Tweets made by savvy bloggers may lead you to a sale that you may not have known about.

Be on the lookout for their tweets, Check the brands that they are mentioning in their tweets, and use your search engine to learn more about the said brands. Of course, you can still choose to use your normal social media account provided that you do not mind being fed with all kinds of deals.

3. Do Not Let Free Shipping Fool You

Internet shopping giants have at times been known to offer free shipping for goods purchased on their platforms. But what many consumers do not understand is that free shipping does not always mean that you are getting a deal on the item that you have purchased. Consumers looking for shopping deals need to be smart. Just because the online store has offered free shipping does not mean that you will get a great deal—instead, compare your total costs with what other stores are charging before you can check out your merchandise.

4. Learn to Clear Your Browser History

Online vendors tend to provide discounts to new clients as an incentive aimed at closing the deal. Therefore, what you need to do is create a shopping profile in the browser. The purpose of this profile will be to fool the merchants into thinking that you are a new client each time you visit the store’s website. If this is too time consuming, consider selecting a single browser that will only be used for shopping purposes. This way, you will ensure that you clear your cookies each time you are done with your shopping.

5. Be Conscious of Your Web Location

You are likely to be at a significant disadvantage if your device broadcasts that you reside in an upscale neighbourhood, and normally do all your shopping online. Online businesses use all the information that they can get from you to price their items—including your home address. This means that if you reside in an affluent location, you should be extra cautious, as the vendors may charge you more. This is because they know that you are in a position to pay the extra charges.

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