Google Tips and Secrets: Search Modifiers that You Should Know

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For years, Google has been putting efforts to improve the search experience. It has tried to ensure that you get the exact results that you are searching. However, most internet users are not aware of the changes or the tricks that they can deploy on this popular search engine platform. There are different search modifiers that you can use on Google to get the desired results within microseconds. Forget about the hassles of trying out different search terms or moving from one search engine results page to another. Here are important Google modifiers, tricks, and secrets that you should know.



1. “Query”; This modifier enables you to find the exact match of your search query.

Example: “Google Search Modifiers”

The modifier comes in handy when you are searching for exact information.

2. “Query”-“Query”; This is a subtract modifier and will exclude any query that you don’t want to see in the search results.

Example: “Business News”-“Forbes”

3. Query AND Query; You can use this when you want to see both the queries in each search results. The AND operator should be in caps otherwise Google will assume that the query is a single phrase.

Example: “Bruno Mars AND “Beyonce”

4. The OR operator; Allows you to search for multiple terms that are equally relevant.

Example: “John Doe” Founder OR CEO
Or operator is usually used on terms that mean the same thing.

5. Site:; The modifier refines a query to a particular website.

Example: Site: “SEO Tricks”

6. Inurl: query; This is a URL-specific modifier. It returns all the web pages that have the query embedded in real URL.

Example: inurl: Malibu

You can use the modifier when looking for the profiles of certain personalities.

7. Filetype: query; The modifier will refine your search results for the specified types of files.

Example: Site: filetype:pdf

8. Intitle: search query; You can use the modifier when you want to refine your results for web pages that have specific terms within their titles.

Example: intitle: hotel California

9. Inpostauthor: query; The modifier is used for searching author of the blog posts

Example: Inpostauthor: Neil Patel

10. City City; The modifier is used to find flight schedule from one city to another.

Example: “London” “New “York”

11. Weather: query; The modifier provides a quick way of discovering the weather condition in a particular location.

Example: Weather: Colorado

12. Define: query; gives a definition of the term or phrase that you want.

Example: “define:lucid”

13. Movie: query; Show the exact times that the movie in the query will be screen in a particular location.

14. Stocks: query; Do you want to know stock price of a certain company? Use this modifier.

Example: Stocks: Facebook

15. Stopwatch; You don’t have to own a physical stopwatch when Google can do perform the same function.

Example: “Stopwatch”

16. Sunrise/Sunset; this modifier will let you know the exact time that the sun will rise and set in a specified location.

Example: “Sunrise Bangkok” or “Sunset San Jose”

17. Sports Teams: Do you want to know the current score of a game that is underway? Use this modifier.

Example: “Barcelona”

By using google tricks and secrets make your search experience more enjoyable. You will be getting quick search results without juggling between different queries.

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